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SWOT Analysis Assignment

SWOT analysis is an acronym of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A company should always know its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. An analysis of the things mentioned above reveals what factors or forces work in favour or against the company on the market. These factors can be internal or external, or both. Here, we must bear in mind that in SWOT, strengths, and weaknesses may be checked in, but the opportunities and threats external to the company and in most cases, are beyond the control of the company.

SWOT Analysis Assignment Writing

If you are assigned with a SWOT Analysis Assignment, you must ensure that you discuss all factors with proper guidelines. The internal and external factors of SWOT Analysis should be addressed properly.

  • Strengths:
    The strengths of a company are its resources and capabilities that can be used in the manufacturing process of heavy products. Strengths are patents, trademarks, the technology used in production, lower production costs, exclusive premium access resources, a distribution network that allows a better workforce, etc. You should write within the context of your particular organisation when writing your SWOT analysis assignment writing.
  • Weaknesses:
    The weaknesses of a company are totally opposing forces. These are lack of patents, obsolete technology used in production, an increase in the production cost, lack of availability of quality resources, and the lack of availability of adequate distribution channels.
  • Opportunities:
    Opportunities are just new ways to increase profits and growth. These include a disgruntled customer, the discovery of a new market with tremendous potential sales, the regulations of development, barriers to international trade, the discovery of new methods of production, improvement in technology, and change in government policies, etc.
  • Threats:
    Threats are those forces or factors that affect the profitability of a company. Every business faces threats in the form of competition from the industry sector homogeneous and heterogeneous. Threats which are faced by a company can be part of the sector and outside the sector. Changes in tastes and preferences of customers are one of the biggest threats that a company can face. As then they are coerced into improving their products regularly, in order to survive in the market. Other threats may be that the government raises taxes; there are no restrictions, etc.

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